Customized Hook And Loop Tape

Available with printed pattern and laser cut design, this range of customized hook and loop tapes is used for securing as well as for fastening of cables and chords. Plain in pattern, these hook and loop tapes can be availed in 1 inch to 4 inches size range and 25 m length. These commercial hook and look tapes are well known for their exceptional peel strength, strong holding power, high tensile strength, good shearing force and long lasting quality. Offered fastener based tapes comprise of two parts. Their hook part has distinctively rough texture and stiff pattern and it is made of nylon or polyester.  This hook part is locks onto the soft side ( loop) of tapes to create perfect bonding.

Printed Hook Tapes

Printed Hook Tapes is used in all parts of life and for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used on shoe closures, clothing, cuff tightness and more. Also, it is unyielding and can support the weight. Printed Hook Tapes is one of the most widely used materials in aircraft and space shuttles. These are made of premium quality material and undergo various quality checks which makes it a best choice in the market. 

Laser Cut Hook And Loop Tape

Laser Cut Hook And Loop Tape is an adhesive, epoxy, bonding film, and tape stock in either sheet or roll format are easily laser converted into any perform shape or profile. Laser Cut Hook And Loop Tape come with carrier films and protective liners, single sided or double-sided adhesives are cleanly laser cut. It also protects the surface from smoke behind when the laser cuts or engraves.

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