Cable Binding Straps

Nylon fabricated cable binding straps are considered as suitable fastening accessories for bundling of tubes, hoses, electrical wires and fiber optic cables.  Simple in appearance, these binding straps are well known for their light weight and flexible nature.  Available in different color choices, these binding straps are also suitable for color coding application purpose ( for easy identification of different items).  Offered commercial cable binding straps are durable, have optimum strength and precise shape. These are offered with metal or polymer buckle to strengthen fastening process. Recyclable content, tear proof design and reasonable price are the key aspects of these straps.

Nylon Hook And Loop Strap With Buckle

Nylon Hook And Loop Strap With Buckle provides a convenient way to secure items such as cable, wire, electrical cords, fishing gear and luggage. There are many kinds of straps for any number of purposes, but the most common are cinch straps, back straps, face straps and two-way face straps. Nylon Hook And Loop Strap With Buckle is a face strap with a plastic or metal ring welded to the free end of the loop. The ring is welded in place by feeding the loop through the ring and welding the loop to itself. 

Ameo Hook And Loop Cable Wrap

Ameo Hook And Loop Cable Wrap is designed for wrapping cables, wires or anything in a bundle. Welded in such a type that it reciprocates daily use belts. Ameo Hook And Loop Cable Wrap is easy to use, cost efficiency, and durability of hook and loop tape makes it a popular choice as a fastener. These are reliable to fasten things together. These come with great ideas for using great hook and loop tape and cable ties. 


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